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–MOVIE REVIEW a couple little spoilers—

I don’t have a daughter, but I am married, I do have a son. I can tell you that if anyone were to kidnap my son and try to do what these people in the Taken did I assure you that I would lose my mind. That is one thing that I could never understand, you see this in movies like one off the top of my head Ransom with Mel Gibson. Don’t get me wrong, but he did not pop a cork like I think I would do, if it had happened to me in real life. It’s never happened to me so maybe I am just not seeing life though their eyes. To top if off I am not some kick butt retired spy that could just whip out my cell phone recording device and speaker set within seconds of a phone call. Either way I don’t have the ninja skills that would be needed to pull this one off…

Now where to start, OK I leaned over to my wife and said, I don’t ever remember Lian Neesom in some kick but action movie, my wife mentioned Darkman but I don’t remember seeing that one. I mean when he started to whip out that stewed up 56 year old can a whoop ass, it took time for me to pick up my jaw. I look though the movies that he as done and I see there are some action parts in there. I just don’t remember these. I can tell you that I am impressed. They picked the right actor for that roll. This guy was awesome. And the best part was there was very little that was unbelievable. So the man can act, and whoop some tail.

I think another thing that has really got me liking this movie was the weird way that it was predictable yet still surprised me at points. Yes he gets his daughter, yes he whips the bad guys but man some of the things he did just made you go wow, if that happened to me I could see me freaking out like that. Another thing that I really liked about the movie, I don’t recall a curse word. Now I am not offended by them, but I do feel like some actors or scripts have them in there to add a little to the scene. This movie did not need it. In my eyes this is one of the best action flicks in a long time.

Now does it rate better them 007 or Jason Bourne no not quite. But it was a great change of pace from seeing the same faces in the same cookie cutter films just change a little around. Is it the movie of they year, well maybe we will just have to wait to see what comes out. I thought at first that it was just me that thought this was a great movie, but as I walked out people were talking about how much they liked it. So what the heck, I say go see it watch it in the theater and I am going to buy it as soon as it comes out.

Movies that I am keeping my eye out for… Friday the 13th, this one actually looks like a good one, Mall Cop has some great funny parts in the trailer, I just hope that there is more then those in the move. In the next day or so, I will post one on Step Brothers (This will only be on my movie review blog).