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When You Don’t Get Paid Update

Posted: February 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well, I am not doing so well on keeping up this last week. So I figured I would put a few updates into one post.

Note 1 – Last Saturday I was up in Denver for the Rocky Mountain Tri-Fecta. This was a combined event with people from the local .NET, SQL Server and Windows User Groups. From my understanding there were over 600 people that signed up. What a great turn out. I am floored when some many people in the local areas come out to an event like that. I gave a presentation on SQL Server 2008 the new features that are in there and if people should upgrade to it. If you missed it I think it will be up on IT Uplink before too long if it’s not already there.

Note 2 – For about the last month I have been chatting back and forth with the current leadership of the Colorado Springs SQL Server User Group. Some of the discussions were about me getting back involved with the group. I stopped a couple of years ago because of my work schedule, but now part of my job is staying active in the User Groups. At this point it looks like I may be taking the position of VP of Marketing. It will be my job to help out at meetings and promote the group. I am looking forward to getting back with old friends and making new ones.

Note 3 – Well a month or so ago I had a post on a client that was not paying me. Well about 2 weeks ago I called them again; they claimed that they mailed the check to me on Jan 9th or somewhere around there. Since it was well past the 9th I asked them to cancel that check and to re-issue them. I was going to give them my shipping number to have them over night it to me. The declined the offer and then mentioned they had some service via UPS. I received the check 2 days later, dated Jan 9th. I guess someone forgot to put them in the mail. Remember this is for work that was done in November, I am just glad that we were paid.

Well I hope to have some more for you tomorrow. I know I have an article coming out soon on SSWUG about Using BCP starting from the basics. I know I find it hard to believe that DBA’s have forgot about this nice little tool that is still in SQL Server.