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I love Feedback

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Well this week I am on the road, and trying to get things wrapped up for vacation. This week I will be hooting and hollering at a STYX concert, touring Disneyland and having a grand old time. As I was going getting some items cleaned up, I received an e-mail from Donna Shaver. Donna attended the fall vConference that I spoke at in November and will be speaking at during the spring about a month after I am done at DevConnections.

It’s not often as a DBA that you get e-mails that make you feel good, I tell people that ask me about what I do, that If I work at your company and you don’t know who I am that is a good thing. Well Donna was kind enough to send me a review of the vConference. I am not much for tooting my own horn but I figured I would share some parts of what Donna had to say:


I still feel that real conferences are extremely important.  But this virtual conference is a brilliant idea!  I believe neither will replace the other.  Instead, they actually compliment each other nicely.”


“And talk about convenient!  Well, I don’t have to tell you how the virtual conference is soooooo much cheaper and fits into about any schedule and any budget.  Plus, you can interact with the presenter through chat live while the recorded presentation is rolling.  And if you’re watching an on-demand video, then of course you can Rewind and Pause anytime!  Yes, there are many advantages of a virtual conference.  And I definitely think they are here to stay.”


“I worked from home today and didn’t get to join the conference until 5:20pm.  Lucky for me, a presentation began at 5:30pm.  Jason Strate presented
“What’s New in SQL Server 2008 SSIS”.  This sounds great, so I enter Session Room B, and the presentation begins right on time at exactly 5:30pm.  His presentation
was good, and the PPT slides he showed were very clear”


“I then watched “SQL Server Forensics” by Sarah Barela (as mentioned above).  She spoke about the basics of logging, tracing, and auditing.  It was great!  It’s the basics that I enjoy most!” 


“I then watched an on-demand video by Chris Shaw on “Why Do We Make This Hard?”  Chris shared some of his tried and true experiences.  He said to know the baseline performance of your servers… the typical load on your servers at a few key points in time during an average day… such as the number of connected users, their CPU usage, and their memory usage.”


“Something came up at the office and I had to work from home all day and couldn’t join the conference. That would have been a huge loss had I been at a real conference. But, because it was a virtual conference I knew I could watch the videos later.”


“Now it is true that you can just go online and watch videos anytime.  Microsoft has some good ones for free and I recommend watching those for sure.  But in general (and there are definite exceptions), you’ll have to pay for good videos.  So you may as well pay one price and also get your boss to schedule you some time at home to attend the conference.  Plus you have the presenters available in the chat and there is a sense of community in the chat because you’re all watching the same presentation at the same time.  All that for only $100!”

After all the nice things that she said about the SSWUG vConference she concluded “I wish I could have attended all the sessions, but ya just can’t. I still felt a bit lost and behind during the event, but the virtual conference definitely helped to better prepare me for the in person Conferences”

Well I hope to get at least one more Blog done before I head off for the week. But if I don’t I will be back the 3rd week of February.