All Day Pre-Con Event

Posted: June 25, 2014 in Events, News


John Morehouse and I were sitting around during a recent SQL Saturday talking about what experiences we learn the most from and how we can use that to help us when we are speaking at an event of some sort. We found that being able to relate the topic that we were teaching back to an example that attendees can relate to worked really well for us. So have some crazy brain storming we came up with this idea.

We both are sitting down with some requirements and some data. We will both have the same environment yet we are going to work independently to see who can come up with the better solution. The goal will be something measurable and when we meet at the PASS Summit in November we will see who as the best solution. Here is where you come in… If you want to see what solution wins and why it does you will be able to. We will be presenting this as a Pre-Con to the 2014 PASS Summit.

As we talked about the idea more and more we decided that we can make the session a bit more realistic, so we are going to spend the afternoon making changes to our environment and to the winning solution to see how it works with the requirement changes that always jump into projects. We will test things like versions of SQL Server and when you change the hardware. So if you are ready, come join us, I can assure you there will be a lot to learn and we are going to have a lot of fun doing it.

In the red corner representing Colorado Springs, standing tall at 5 foot 6 nothing but attitude. Armed with a staggering 17 years of experience for a right hand and striking fast wit for the knock out on the left. Your 5 year SQL Server MVP, Pass Regional Mentor, and Colorado Springs User Group leader… Chris Shaw.

In the blue corner, backed by corn huskers and fire fighters, a true hero dedicated to destroying poor database performance and the sharing of database knowledge. Lighting fast reflexes and in depth knowledge is unleashed to deliver lethal blows. The towering, the intimidating and the inspirational to so many… John Morehouse.

In case you wanted to see the official Abstract we included it here. We hope to see you there. To register check out this link.

Real World End-to-End Performance Solutions

Do you ever wonder how other people approach real world business objectives from start to finish? The success of a project can be hampered from decisions that are made before a single row resides in a database, and yet often there is no one single best solution, because different people will approach a problem from different angles and there are countless variables along the path that are critical to success. If you make a mistake at the beginning, costly redesigns may haunt you for years to come.


In this powerful yet entertaining full-day pre-conference session, we will start with two different database professionals with two different skill sets. The speakers both have very different ways of approaching a project (and are both set in their ways!), but both have the same measurable goal. Whose process runs faster? Join this session and see the results.


In other words . . . “Let’s get ready to Rumble!”


What may appear as the end of the session is really only the beginning as variables and limitations are added and various questions are answered: What happens to our project when we are forced to use GUIDs (Globally Unique Identifiers), or when we push our solution to the cloud? Does the introduction of new hardware improve the overall outcome of our test? Do we see faster performance with SQL Server 2014 over SQL Server 2012? Join us and find out!


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