Heavy Heart

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Career, News, SQLServerPedia Syndication

About 12 years ago I sat down with a couple of the guys that I work with. We had an in depth discussion about starting a User’s Group in Colorado Springs, I am not sure if we knew how big it would get, or what we really expected. But we knew we wanted to give people who do the same SQL Server work we did the opportunity to learn and share ideas, experience’s and just overall network together. Over the course of time I have been a leader of this group, for all but a year or two, I have been the President and the Vice-President of events, most recently a Co-President. I can tell you I have gotten just as much from the group as I have given it. If you have ever considered starting a group or joining a group I cannot tell you how much I recommend it.

My wife and I have always dreamed of living in our 5th wheel full time. There is nothing like waking up with the deer hanging outside your door when you get up each morning and going to bed each night after I hang out with the Foxes. About 6 months ago, we were able to make this dream come true. The other aspect to our dream is to stop dealing with the snow, and for me the pain that comes along with the snow. As of October 15th this year we will be spending our winters in warmer weather. Seeing that we will be out of state close to 6 months a year, I do not feel like I can contribute as much to the group as voted in board member. I will not be seeking reelection for the Colorado Springs SQL Server Users Group.

Does this mean I won’t be back? No.

Making a decision like this has been really difficult for me, I am so vested in the group but I can rest assured knowing that the current leadership is some of the finest I have ever worked with and I have a lot of hope with the group and the group’s future.

What about being a Regional Mentor?

I have not been doing a very good job on keeping up with posting everything that is going on, here on my blog. I have accepted a role to be one of two RM’s for PASS for Canada. I am really excited about this and many aspects of it are well under way. This will continue, and there is no plan for it not to as we complete our travels.

What is coming my way?

  • In November I will be at the PASS summit, and I think this one is starting to look like this one will be the best yet.
  • In October I will be headed over to the SQL Saturday in Nebraska.


As a new chapter starts and an old chapter closes I can’t help but reflect on friends, events and all the great people and things that we have done with the group. There is more to come and I am really looking forward to the new focus and the future.




  1. Chris Yates says:

    Shows that what you built has been sustainable, and you should be proud of the accomplishment. They will have big shoes to fill with your departure but the future holds more endeavors for you such as this one. Look forward to seeing what you do in the future and congrats on making the dreams a reality.

  2. Seth says:

    Rock on, brother-man, rock on! I envy you your new life. Enjoy.

  3. SqlAsylum says:

    You’ve done great work in the area and I know many people are Better DBA’s because of your efforts. Looking forward to hearing about what you do moving forward. 🙂

  4. Congrats to you and your wife on being able to live the life you want – the CO Springs group is obviously thriving and I know you will continue to do great SQL things wherever you are docked for the night {-:

    See you in Lincoln in a couple weeks!

  5. Chris,

    I remember having a conversation with you 12 years ago about a user group. Looking back at that conversation and the years which have passed I now realize that you understood the commitment level and impact that it could have. You have helped many DBA’s and SQL minded folks in their respective roles and careers, myself included. So, don’t have a heavy heart, have a happy heart knowing that you did indeed make a difference.

    I look forward to hearing about your next adventure and once again, great job!

  6. tsqlprincess says:

    Bummed to see you go but completely understand. Wishing you the best. 🙂 The group won’t be the same without you.

  7. Mike G. says:

    I hate to see you go but congratulations on the realization of your dream. That sounds awesome! Thanks for all you did for the COS User Group.

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