Question about How to Get Started

Posted: May 7, 2009 in Uncategorized


A friend from the local user group asked me a question today via e-mail. I started on my normal rambling ways, but the end result was I thought I would post my answer here as well.

The Question was:

My husband is not currently in IT and is looking to get into IT, he is going to School I was wondering if you had any ideas on how he could land his first job?


Here was my answer:

Once he has done his A+ cert, he should have enough to look for help desk stuff.  He may be ok now.  You mentioned that he is coming from a dispatcher position?  Maybe there is some software in there that he has used that he can highlight that will make him a little more, how do you say… more appealing to a perspective employer.

One thing that he has going for him is if he can work his way into the door.  There are a lot of companies now that are looking for people that can “prove” themselves.  So if he were to see a job that he thinks he can do, maybe he can work for a day or a week at no charge to show them how much he knows.  I know it sucks to lose that pay, but think if you were the employer how that would make you feel about that person.   Here is an example:

If I am an employer and I have 2 candidates that I am looking at.  But on one of the candidates he tells me that he is willing to come in and work for a week for free to prove to me that he is dedicated and is really motivated to learn.  Now no matter if I take him up on the offer look at what it shows me…

I would know that

1) He really wants this job.

2) He is confident in his ability

3) He is a real go getter; if he wasn’t, why would he risk losing a week’s worth of pay if he failed.

This is all before he even starts his way in the door.  For most employers that are hiring people they are looking for personality and commitment just as much if not more than skill. 

  1. Isondart says:

    Great response. Its almost like doing an internship, which is how I got started. I did a summer Internship and when the summer ended, I was offered a fulltime position.
    Worst case, I would have walked away with a summer’s worth of experience.

  2. chrisshaw says:


    Thanks, that is exactely what I was shooting for. I am also hearing a lot more employers requestion “shadowing” or “walk alongs” so that the employee can see what the work place is like, but then at the end of the day they ask them what they learned.

    Thanks for the comment.

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