What is missing in SQL Server 2008?

Posted: June 9, 2008 in SQL Server 2008
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Here is what I find interesting. For each install of SQL Server you can have a ton of databases that could be on a system. Let’s look at a reporting server as an example. I know of one reporting server that houses over 52 databases. Most of this is feed via replication. Every time this company hires a new user we would have to go in and grant access to each of the databases, if you do this in the user interface you are looking at a large number of Data/Reader access. Now the obvious answer here is that you can write a script that you just pass in the login name and then a custom level of access is granted to the database.

What I don’t understand is why SQL Server does not allow you to create a server level role. I would thing that since you can place many databases on one server that you should be able to have the access to grant Data Reader across a whole system in the user interface. I am sure that there are reasons that they are not doing this I just can not put my finger on why. End result is I am not seeing this in SQL Server 2008 yet and I don’t think it will be there upon the final release. Do you have the same issue, if so what do you think about them not adding this? What do you think is missing in SQL Server 2008?



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