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Posted: June 9, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Thought I would drop by and post that I have been working the SSWUG V-Conference’s like a mad man. We have announced that there are going to be 4 conferences in September to October. We are really excited to have many people starting to look at what the Virtual Conferences have to offer. The 4 conferences are going to be SQL Server, .net, BI and Share Point. As far as the June Conference is concerned we have a great line up of speakers and the site is coming together really nice. If you are interested in going to the conference there is a VIP Code that you can use to get you a 10% discount. To get this discount go ahead and head to:

When you register use VIP Code: VIPCS2008DIS

On a side note I was looking at the SSWUG Newsletter today and found it really interesting post on security and where do you apply it in your application. You may want to check it out here:

The other news that I caught up on last week was that SQL Sentry released a new product called Performance Advisor. I am a heavy user of SQL Sentry Event Manager, and I feel like the built a great tool that helps me with a lot of day to day monitoring. I am really looking forward into seeing how the Performance Advisor helps me in my every day job. Check Out SQL Sentry here:


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