SQL Saturday San Antonio #550

Posted: August 8, 2016 in Events

SQL Saturday San Antonio #550

This weekend I am heading north to the great city of San Antonio, TX.  I am excited to see what the organizers have put together for us.  This is the first time San Antonio is hosting a SQL Saturday and from what I have seen so far it should be a great event.  I was looking at the lineup of speakers and sessions and I know from experience this is an event well worth attending.

At this event I will be speaking about common mistakes that I have seen clients make when it comes to their SQL Server environments, specifically as how these mistakes impact the servers. Here is the full title and abstract.

Tips for SQL Server Performance and Resiliency

After working 20 years in the industry on hundreds of SQL Servers clear patterns emerge. These observations of patterns and best practices directly relate to the health of the server.  During this session we will review the patterns of healthy SQL Servers and identify unhealthy behavior that clearly shows servers that are at risk.

We will review shared patterns, configuration and practices.   Which of these repeating patterns represent healthy Servers and which of these patterns are shared with servers that are having issues daily.

These patterns are so clear in fact that I many SQL Servers will benefit from the application of at least one if not more of the tips we will cover.  At the end of this session attendees will have the tools to identify and correct common issues that impact SQL Servers Performance and Resiliency.

If you are in town on Friday I recommend you check out one of the Pre-Con sessions.  I know both Kalen and Tim who will be presenting the bellow topics and I can ensure you both of these sessions are money well spent investing in your future.

What the Hekaton? SQL Server’s In-memory OLTP

Presented By Microsoft MVP Kalen Delaney

SQL Server In-Memory OLTP, will completely change the way you think about data management. But once you make the change, you won’t be sorry! In this session, you’ll find out how Microsoft is able to give up to 40X performance improvement!

Early bird pricing has ended!

Register Now for $199

Building Better SSIS Packages

Presented By Microsoft MVP Tim Mitchell

There’s nothing magical about building rock-solid SSIS packages, but it does take some discipline, experience, and a library of best practices. That is exactly the aim of this course: to demonstrate a set of proven practices that help frame the development of enterprise-ready SSIS packages.

In this full-day presentation, we will walk through each of these five facets of well-built packages, discussing and then demonstrating ways of applying these practices to design better SSIS packages

Register Now for $169


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