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I have been meaning to post another entry on mentoring and picking goals. But the truth is I have been keeping pretty busy. Last week I presented at the Denver User Group and the Colorado Springs User Group. At the same time I am getting ready for SQL Saturday and the PASS Summit. So this week here is a quick update on some items I have been telling people that I will post.

I am curious if you have time to leave a comment. But when you attend a session, do you mind if the session is 80% demo? The session I am working on right now is very demo heavy. I don’t normally do that because when I learn I like to learn from lecture and doing, not from watching other people do.

Denver and Colorado Springs SQL Server User Groups

I have uploaded the presentation to the blog here.
I have been floored on the feedback from this presentation, and to be honest I was not too happy with it when I first started. But, I have received a number of emails not only asking for the demos but also to thank me. I have to thank everyone who was able to make it and in addition, everyone who was willing to pass along the feedback I asked for. The kind comments have been very humbling.

SQL Saturday #94

SQL Saturday #94 is just around the corner. If you are in the Utah area I hope you stop by and take advantage of all the sessions that are going to be there at no charge. If you are not in Utah on Sept. 10th make sure you check out the website for a SQL Saturday near you. In my opinion it is a big mistake to pass up this opportunity at free training. If nothing else the networking is awesome.

This summer for the SQL Road Trip many folks from Colorado are heading over to Utah, we have some really gracious hosts. This is the second SQL Road Trip with the group going to Kansas City last summer. As of now here is some of the people that are going and the twitter accounts that I know. You may want to follow them or, if nothing else follow #SQLRoadTrip. I am sure Jason Horner will be more than happy to give me a hard time.

Chris Shaw

Jason Horner

Mike Fal

Carlos Bossy

Doug Lane

Kelly Martinez

Gabriel Villa

Marc Beacom

I hope I didn’t miss anyone.