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A couple of guys that use to work with me a long time ago came out with a new book.  I received my book yesterday in the mail and plan on reading it so that I can give it a review.  Kudos to Eric Johnson and Joshua Jones, two very sharp DBA’s that it would be a pleasure to work with again.  I look forward to seeing what they produce next. 

Joshua Jones is one of the speakers at the Fall SSWUG V-Conference, and was a highly rated speaker for the Summer conference that just happened.

And Even though Eric and I are both under 40 years old I can say that I have known Eric for almost 20 years.

The new books name is “A Developer’s Guide to Data Modeling for SQL Server”  From what I have looked at it so far it was written for 2005 and 2008 versions of SQL Server, but if I know Eric and Josh a lot of this information will apply to SQL Server 2000.  Good luck on the book guys.

Many people think about a virtual conference they think about slides with a bunch of people sitting on the phone listening to someone’s dog barking in the background, maybe even the sound of a horn blasting from some nearby ship. SSWUG has done a top notch job with cameras, lights and sound. (Almost to good of a job, I can not hide my extra tire I carry around)

Imagine you are sitting in the front row at a conference, you see and hear everything. Take a look at this link; this is the way that we do a Virtual Conference.