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Posted: July 30, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Recently a number of DBA’s were interviewed for an Article/Blog for the website.  I was one of the DBA’s that they picked to Interview along with Cristian Lefter, Andrew Fyer, Namwar Rizvi, Denny Cherry, Brian Kelley and Pinal Dave.  Along with Brent Ozar who will be speaking at this falls SQL Server SSWUG V-Conference. 

There was a number of really interesting questions asked about everything from where we believe our careers are going to what frustrates us the most as DBA’s.  There was some focus on different types of DBA’s and how we are starting to see some areas of SQL Server requiring specialists to really implement to the fullest extent.  If you would like to see the three part interview check out this link.

While you are there you can take a look at what Job’s may be open in your area and even post your own live resume.  Many of you may know already but I like to spend time looking at the management of staff and how to find the best job for you as a DBA.  A number of my articles on are writing in that direction.