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For the next couple days

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just so that you are aware, if you are on my blog over the next few days, it may look at little crazy. I am working a little on making it a bit more usable and friendly. If you see something that looks out of whack, by all means let me know.



Not a lot of time this week (working on taking the SQL Server 2012 certification exams), but I wanted to make sure this made it on the blog. Have you signed up for SQL Rally yet? TJay Belt and I are working on a pre-con together and we are having fun putting it together. TJay  (T|Band I were talking about the interview question that they had presented us, and as we were going around about ideas on a Billboard I was thinking about this poster that you see attached. A quick discussion with my good friend Tom Roush and the poster became reality.

The other piece of news I have this week has to do with the Microsoft MVP Award. This is an award that one needs to earn each year. So each year on April 1st, I sit around and worry if I will receive another award, yesterday I found out that I get to put my worries aside for one more year. Each time the award is handed out I spend some time looking to see who the new award winners. This April it looks like Jes Borland (T|B) received her first award. Of the large number of people I have met over the years working with SQL Server, Jes is one of those that left a long lasting impression. She is an active runner, and well, if you get a chance to meet her, be careful… she has a lot of energy. The other new MVP that I am aware of is Kendra Little (T|B). Both Jes and Kendra are great resources. If I missed any other new MVP’s I am so sorry, it is a little difficult to keep up with twitter sometimes and that is where I get the announcements from. Congrats to all the renewed MVP’s and all the new MVP’s.

I must say that I really enjoy working with a product from the cradle to the grave, and the news that I have today is something that I announce with mixed emotions.  However, I am convinced that I am making the right decision not only for myself, but for my family and my career.

For nearly the last two years I have been employed by a company named Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS).   Together we have taken a number of steps in not only learning new ways to do things with the technology but moving the environment forward to the next steps with high availability and SQL Server.  The product that they have is one of the coolest that I have seen and the technology is unmatchable by their peers. One of the things that I really enjoyed with AMS was that each day I came into work I had the opportunity to work on different aspects of SQL Server.  Some days I would be working on administrative features and others working on performance monitoring.  I made a number of friends that I will not soon forget and I hope them success in the future.

I am not sure how much I can say about my new job.  I will be working in Colorado Springs at one of the Air Force bases.  There is a lot of attraction for me to involved with the military again.  There are always new challenges when starting a new position and each one of those challenges provide me with a new opportunity to learn something new about SQL Server, my RDBMS of choice.

Thanks to everyone I have had the opportunity to meet along my career path to this point.

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a new presentation titled The Utility Database.  I can’t remember the last time that I have been this excited about a presentation.  This presentation includes information on how to use a utility database to keep a history of your server. I will help you answer questions like the average run time of your stored procedures.  We will talk about consolidating your checklists into one report so you have one reference point for each of your daily activities.

Next week on Wednesday Aug. 17th I will be presenting this session in Colorado Springs at the Colorado Springs SQL Server User Group and then the next night I will be delivering the session in Denver at the Denver SQL Server Users Group.  If you have a chance to stop by that would be great.  I will be looking for feedback to make the presentation better.    

The Colorado Springs SQL Server User Group is going to meet Wed. night, and I think it’s going to be a great session. This meeting we are going to have 5 speakers giving 5 different sessions. Each of these sessions are considered lighting sessions so there should be text on the slides and it should be a quick hit for each subject. I will be speaking on the Growing Pains that I see in a database when I go into shops that are currently seeing a growth spurt. So come on down, have some fun with the group. You can find more information here


One would think that I might read the complete directions before I get all crazy and start posting things, In this case well, not so much. I think I was so excited about the last T-SQL Tuesday and was ready to do another one that I saw the question and was ready to post away. So I posed a week early, and I then deleted the post, and I will repost this on the correct day. So maybe I should really change my answer this week to… Read The $%^@! Manual Chris.




From Steve Jones about this topic:

I was giving a presentation recently and someone in the audience started to ask about why I recommended against a certain technique. Without getting into it, this person kept saying that she had to implement things her way since the “business” said they needed it done that way. However a little digging showed that the business didn’t really understand the technology. They were asking for a result, and she took them literally in how she implemented a process. A classic impedance mismatch.

I think we’ve all had situations that are similar. The business, the client, the customer, is asking for something, but they don’t know how to ask those of us building the technology. Or they don’t understand the implications of asking for something like “absolutely zero data loss” to be implemented.

The official topic this month is:

What issues have you had in interacting with the business to get your job done.


The sad part here is I don’t know where to start or where to stop.  If many of the companies that I have worked for knew what they wanted I am sure that the road would be much easier to travel.  The best example that I can give is when a Delphi programmer was assigned to a director position but kept on developing.  He then in turn hired his first DBA, and in the interview made the obvious mistake of saying he wanted a complete lock down of the database.  His exact words were, “I want a Soup Nazi, like on Seinfeld, but I want that in our database. I want a Database Nazi”.  Yet it took years before we could even start to make any changes to the security.  I had some of the developers actually get up and walk out when they were not allowed to make changes to the production database schema.  Now this may have even been somewhat acceptable, if it were a small company that could make changes at the drop of a hat.

But no…

This is a public company.  One that is still traded to this day, and to top it off that director still works there and still has access to production to make changes in the database at will.  Last I heard he was promoted to Data Architect because of his in-depth knowledge.  The operations team says he needs to develop elsewhere yet he is determined to have access and work in production.  He wants the access without the responsibility.

SQL Road Trip

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Saturday September 25th I attended and helped organize a SQL Saturday in Denver, I have to say that I was really impressed with the way that the Denver User Group jumped in and made that event a huge success. I believe we had over 160 attendees and it appeared that most people were learning and networking just like any other SQL Event. This was my first official “SQL Saturday”, but I am sure there are many more to come. As a matter of fact next Saturday I will be on the road to Kansas City to attend and speak at SQL Saturday # 53, and this is where the plan started to develop….

Marc Beacom, Andrew Dykstra, Jason Horner and I are all going to take my camper and make a drive out to KC. Marc and I are planning on speaking and Andrew and Jason are attending. I think I am going to have to blog each day of the trip along with photos to share. We plan on leaving around 6:00 AM on Thursday to make sure that we have enough time to get there. When we get there we hope that Steve Jones stops by for a few beverages.