Posted: October 21, 2013 in Events


If you missed the PASS Summit this year, it is not too late (You can watch the replay on demand).

For the second year PASS has run a live feed during the Summit and broadcasted it over the internet. This year I had the honor of working with the PASS team that organizes the summit. The team that put all this together has a number of people involved, but I want to make sure that I highlight Lana Montgomery and Vicki Van Damme both of them worked really hard to bring this feed to everyone. Lana and I were the community hosts that spent our time networking with the attendees and speakers. We worked closely with Blain Barton who was busy on the center set holding down the fort.

We spent a large amount of time doing interviews, and just getting to know everyone we good. But my favorite part of the interviews was having the opportunity to bring a couple interviews to you from the SQL Clinic. When I speak at an event and when I talk to other speakers we find it difficult to always answer everyone’s questions with some of the limited time that we have. Even when there are opportunities as SQL Saturday it can often be difficult with sessions mixed in here and there. At the SQL Clinic there was a group of Microsoft people there ready to answer questions. They even came to the event with a number of white boards.

If you have never been to a Summit, I highly recommend that you head to one. Next year 2014 it will be back in Seattle and the sign up’s are already happening. You can register here And at the time of writing this you have only 54 weeks before the keynotes start. It may sound like a long time, but it will be here before you know it.


  1. Chris Yates says:

    I wanted to shout out how much I appreciated the PASSTV. It helped folks like myself who could not attend this year still feel part of it, and yes….if you have not gone it is career changing if you want it to be. I echo my thanks for the people who helped with this venture.

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