Esprit de Corps T-SQL Tuesday #36

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Career, SQLServerPedia Syndication, T-SQL Tuesday

Wow, I could not think of better timing for the question today being presented and hosted by a personal friend Chris Yates (T|B). Chris wants to know what the SQL Community means to me. Sure I agree that the end of the racing season is never a good thing, I did however miss the opportunity to go to the race last Sunday, and I am really regretting it after catching up with what happened (Chris Yates made mention that this time of year is difficult for those of us seeing our sport seasons come to an end). The timing for me however is spot on here because of a number of situations that I have been faced with over the last few weeks…

Currently I am faced with a number of design questions, questions that often are only answered by experience, trial and error, along with testing. Questions like best way to store images with the database, or should a PK have the name of ID. I am also working on the fine line between being flexible, and standing my ground when I believe that something could potentially impact a database. These are just a few of my recent challenges. A great source for helping me navigate many of the pitfalls that surround implanting such things is the SQL Community. If there is a something that I have not had the opportunity to see in production then I know I can always count on my #SQLFamily to be a great sounding board. I often come back to this train of thought, even last week when I tweeted…

There are certain things or emotions that you just cannot explain, things like love, or in an easy reference point for something us Jar Heads call esprit de corps. Words like brother, cohesion, family, morale, and support all come to mind. In my own words I explain it as the brotherhood with Marines who have come before and will come after me. It is the all for one and one for all attitude with the never ending support and trust because when your face is in the dirt and the enemy is over the hill right in front of you. Your trust and your safety lie with the Marine that is next to you. You count on them to watch your back as you sleep and they count on you to watch their back as they sleep.

The SQL Community is a group of people who have gone so far beyond just having the same career path as I do, they help me when I fall or when I need someone to cover my back. When my family is in need, the SQL Community has helped me. When I am not sure if I have the right approach to a problem, they talk it out with me. When they have a question or are looking for work, I hope they count on me for help. We raise a glass together and share the great times, we laugh together when we can. We work side by side, when the mountain is too tough to climb alone.

Outside of the Marine Corps, I have never run across a better group of people. So when it comes to my Marine brothers and sisters, sleep tight, I got my watch and you can count on me. When it comes to my SQL Family, move ahead without fear, not only will I watch behind you, you have the support of thousands of SQL Professionals around the world… United we stand and divided we will fall. Some may only see the next task as a failed job, or a slow running query. I see these as situations where a community member needs assistance, and I will be there because I know when I need assistance they will be there as well.



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