Posted: October 30, 2012 in Events, SQLServerPedia Syndication

Have you seen PASS TV yet?

It is a YouTube channel that has a lot of really great information on it. I recommend you check it out.

This year, I have the honor of presenting a session from the 2012 PASS Summit that will have a live stream to the channel if I understand it correctly. One of the reasons that I am so excited about this opportunity is because I know there are a lot of SQL Server Professionals that really wanted to be at the Summit this year, but for one reason or another are not able to make it. PASS TV gives those people the opportunity to get touch of what is going on at the event.

At the same time there are many people looking at becoming a SQL Server Professional and this might help them see how we as a community support each other and the value of coming to the Summit. As I get more information on how this is going to be played over the internet, I will be sure to pass it along to you.

As of now, here is the information that I have, I know there are other sessions that will be on PASS TV, but I am unable to find a schedule just yet.

My session is going to be Thursday, November 8th 4:25 PM PST to 5:00 PM PST

I believe the feed will be located here –

And the Session that I will be presenting on is “The Not SQL skills you need

The motivation behind this topic comes from my years of studying how to be a better DBA. I always thought the skills I needed would all be in SQL Server, such as working with the language, or maintenance of servers. What I have found to be true is that I spend almost as much time (if not more time) outside of SQL Server completing tasks that will lead to work in SQL Server. In other words I have spent a lot of time learning how to do what I want with SQL Server, and not enough time in learning how to manage what I need to get done in SQL Server.

Right now I plan on the discussion to be focused on technical and non-technical Skills that SQL Server Professionals need. Skills like:

  • How to market yourself
  • Why you should get involved in networking and social community
  • Tools that make life easier that you might want to consider using
  • Technology areas that you might want to focus on

I hope to see you there at the Summit, but if I can’t… I hope you have the time to check out this session.

— I have updated the live feed link.

  1. Chris Yates says:

    I’ve got the time and date marked. This is great news for me and others…….some of the topics you are discussing I’m living proof of. Good luck!

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