Exciting News

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Career, News

I mentioned earlier this week that I had some really exciting news. Today I have the opportunity talk a little bit more about that exciting news.

About a year ago someone had asked me what would my dream job was. I had given thought as to what jobs that I have done and what I liked, and then I thought a lot about the things that I don’t like to do. As I worked through the process in my mind I kept coming back to the same few points.

  • I like to work with SQL Server – This is the core of my career. I love this tool, and the community could not be better.
  • I like working with organizations, and creating solutions for HA and DR scenarios. My job is to see those obstacles, and then provide solutions.
  • I enjoy solving real world problems, being able to cross that hurdle of this is the problem we are having and here are the business limitations, now how do we accomplish this.
  • I really like to teach – It doesn’t matter if is at a conferences, classes or even one on one.

I was thinking about what my experience brings to the table as an industry trusted Microsoft SQL Server Professional I am aware of the challenges surrounding organizations in today’s marketplace when searching for effective database solutions. I enjoy helping organizations bridge that gap from databases are something needed to support your businesses to databases are a tool that can be utilized to grow an organization.

It was then I had an idea. I start to think about some of the projects I have done in the past, and some of the people that I have worked with and have trusted for many years. I looked for a company who has a great track record, and understands that working with a client is not just completing a statement of work, but it is helping them accomplish goals, solve problems, and prepare for the future. It is about customer service, it is all about doing the right thing.

I talked to a friend of mine, Mark. An idea emerged where I could help Xtivia and work with some of the organizations they work with and add to the benefits they bring to their clients. This was a perfect match because Xtivia is providing solutions and supporting those database management needs by helping organizations use Microsoft SQL Server. After some discussion and looking at some of the options, this looked like it could be a great fit. So on July 11th Xtivia and I have started working together, they have expressed that they support my desire to stay active in the community and they can see the benefits of working with SQL Server experts around the world.

I am excited because I have the opportunity to work with a great staff, and to help with creating some solutions. I look forward to helping them expand the benefits they bring to clients.

  1. Congratulations – It sounds great!

  2. SQLGlenn says:

    Congrats. You will do great.

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