Archive for July 10, 2012

A number of years ago I designed a database that I use to store all my scripts, server monitoring and things of the like.  I started speaking on the subject and I found that a number of people have started using the database I created.  The whole point of the database and session I presented was to make the database your own, by adding things you want; removing stuff you don’t want.  The tag line, I guess you could say, is: “A database that is created by you, for you, to monitor what you want”.  The intention is not to replace monitoring tools, but to leverage the existing tools you may have and in add items that your tools may not do just the way you want them to.

Today I finished writing a chapter for the SQL Server 2012 Best Practices book published by Apress on the database I now call dbUtilities.  The rough draft has been submitted and I think the book it is being included in will be coming out sometime in October.  As I finish it up, I am looking at what the database has become now in comparison to what it was when I first started it.  The book chapter covers a lot of information on how I organized the data, and how to retrieve the data.  I am really excited about the chapter.  As I was reviewing the changes I realized there are a lot of people that have made adjustments to the original.  For instance, Chris Yates (B) added to the original,  and Steve, or DBA in Exile has added and removed some code.

What I would like to do is invite people to send me the additions or changes they have made.  I will test and then repost some of the code they are using so that individuals can have the option of adding features that other people have created.  As I grow the database I will be adding my code as well, all under the category of dbUtilities.

Soon I will start with the simple steps of creating the database. For one of my first blogs in this category, I am going to post how I leveraged the power of SQL Sentry Performance Monitor, to create a list of procedures that need to be tuned in one of the environments I work with.  I also have some exciting news I would like to share with you later this week.  I hope you find the dbUtilities database helpful, and contribute when you can.