Archive for April 2, 2012

Not a lot of time this week (working on taking the SQL Server 2012 certification exams), but I wanted to make sure this made it on the blog. Have you signed up for SQL Rally yet? TJay Belt and I are working on a pre-con together and we are having fun putting it together. TJay  (T|Band I were talking about the interview question that they had presented us, and as we were going around about ideas on a Billboard I was thinking about this poster that you see attached. A quick discussion with my good friend Tom Roush and the poster became reality.

The other piece of news I have this week has to do with the Microsoft MVP Award. This is an award that one needs to earn each year. So each year on April 1st, I sit around and worry if I will receive another award, yesterday I found out that I get to put my worries aside for one more year. Each time the award is handed out I spend some time looking to see who the new award winners. This April it looks like Jes Borland (T|B) received her first award. Of the large number of people I have met over the years working with SQL Server, Jes is one of those that left a long lasting impression. She is an active runner, and well, if you get a chance to meet her, be careful… she has a lot of energy. The other new MVP that I am aware of is Kendra Little (T|B). Both Jes and Kendra are great resources. If I missed any other new MVP’s I am so sorry, it is a little difficult to keep up with twitter sometimes and that is where I get the announcements from. Congrats to all the renewed MVP’s and all the new MVP’s.