SQL Saturday #104

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Events, SQLServerPedia Syndication

It was September or October and the board members from the Colorado Springs SQL Server Users Group was sitting around at Starbucks talking about potentially following up SQL Saturday 66. We didn’t know what our theme was going to be, and we didn’t know when the date was going to be. But, we were determined that we were going to do it again. We talked and talked about it and picked out some pretty lofty goals or at least that is what we thought. We set a goal to double the registrations but we were going to stick to the same amount of sessions that we had for SQL Sat 66. We agreed and we set out on our mission. Within just a couple weeks we had more speakers then we had room for, a couple weeks after that we determined we could add two more tracks. But we had to stop accepting sessions for speakers. Before we knew it we had 36 speakers on their way to Colorado Springs.

Before too long SSWUG and Solid Q contacted us about hosting a Pre-Conference day, soon after Conifo joined in and we were well on our way.

If you are looking for more Photos you can check them out here with a HD Video.

The End Result?

Well on January 7th, 2012 we had SQL Saturday 2012. The event had so many people involved that I know if I were to sit down and try to list them all that I would forget many of them. If I tried to tell you all the stories I would miss some of the best ones. So, I want to ask… no, I want to formally request that those who were at the event, to send along a blog post, or a paragraph or two (If you post a blog, please link back to this so I can make sure that I get each of these shared). I will put these here on this blog post for everyone to see. Tell me what you liked; tell me what you didn’t like. After a week or two I will share with you some of the statistics and do one final wrap up. I can tell you that we tripled our in person attendance numbers. We had more people come from outside Colorado Springs to the event than we did people from Colorado Springs. We had lots of friends, lots of hugs an even a tear or two. But I think you will see if anyone sends me anything that I think everyone got something out of the event.

We are working on a site where we can post up all the pictures. That link will also be included in my final wrap up post, but if you really want a little taste, take a look at the bottom of this post, this is just a taste of what’s to come.

Blogs about the event:




So what are you waiting for? Let me know what you thought.

  1. […] (made to look like SKI PATROL). The team that put this event together, Chris Shaw (@SQLShaw|blog), his wife Gia (@MsSQLShaw) and a whole crew of people, did a great job! They were very creative. […]

  2. Sarah S. says:

    Sorry Chris, I purposely didn’t read any SQL Saturday 104 posts until mine was done. Well, it finally is. Here’s the link: http://sarahsjolander.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/sql-saturday-104-colorado-springs/

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