Meme Monday

Posted: December 5, 2011 in SQLServerPedia Syndication

I know you have been sitting there holding your breath. The one and only SQLRockStar posted a challenge to us. He wants to know what I want Microsoft to leave me under the tree this year. It didn’t take a lot of time before I had started to think of all the great things I would like them to leave me. There are some obvious choices such as the Arch keyboard, or maybe even a new touch mouse. But I have to challenge myself to really dig deep, what the heck do I want, and of those things what can Microsoft do to provide me with these items that my heart is longing for.

I want more… Give us more features, give us more applications give us a nice big white box labeled SQL Server 2012 under my tree. Wrap it in a pretty bow, and make her error free. Allow us to run it thought her paces without having to worry about our time. Give us a better tool in SQL Server that will help us manage indexes so much better. Give us the ability to determine what indexes are re-indexed and what indexes don’t need it. I could always use some reports with all that nifty information located in the DMV’s. But most of all…

I want to thank Microsoft for their commitment to my family. I know they have never met my wife or my 19 year old son, but the products they have given us over the last number of years have freed up so much of my time that now my family sees more of me than ever. I remember recovering corrupt databases all night long; I remember loading data using BCP starting at 3 AM. I remember trying to write processes that would gather the information I now pull from the DMV’s.

Thank you Microsoft, and Thank you to my SQL Family, because without you, my life would be different, I would still have my wife and my son, I just wouldn’t be able to ever see them.




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