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I must say that I really enjoy working with a product from the cradle to the grave, and the news that I have today is something that I announce with mixed emotions.  However, I am convinced that I am making the right decision not only for myself, but for my family and my career.

For nearly the last two years I have been employed by a company named Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS).   Together we have taken a number of steps in not only learning new ways to do things with the technology but moving the environment forward to the next steps with high availability and SQL Server.  The product that they have is one of the coolest that I have seen and the technology is unmatchable by their peers. One of the things that I really enjoyed with AMS was that each day I came into work I had the opportunity to work on different aspects of SQL Server.  Some days I would be working on administrative features and others working on performance monitoring.  I made a number of friends that I will not soon forget and I hope them success in the future.

I am not sure how much I can say about my new job.  I will be working in Colorado Springs at one of the Air Force bases.  There is a lot of attraction for me to involved with the military again.  There are always new challenges when starting a new position and each one of those challenges provide me with a new opportunity to learn something new about SQL Server, my RDBMS of choice.

Thanks to everyone I have had the opportunity to meet along my career path to this point.


As a technical person I recognize that my strengths are not in selling things, yet I know that when I am sending my resume into a company for review I am really just trying to sell myself.  My resume is a one page pamphlet that is all about me and the services that I offer.  The interview is the same thing. It is a sales call where I need to show the person that I am talking to all the benefits and the track record of my product.  That product is me.

So when we started to plan for SQL Saturday 104 we were talking about how we can have this event best help the community.  In my opinion SQL Saturdays should not just focus on learning new things about SQL Server (and there is a lot of that going on), but they should provide information that will help the database professional all around.  We determined that one thing that the database community may want is the opportunity for a Professional to review their resume.  This review is going to be supplied to the attendee free of charge, all you need to do is sign up, attend and then bring your resume with you.

The only catch is that we don’t have unlimited spots. These spots will be on a first come, first served basis, so be sure to register today to get your spot.

We have partnered with 2 Professional Resume Reviewers that have agreed to donate their time to help the attendees get the most out of their resumes.  The two people who will be joining us are:

Ruth Pankratz
is the owner of Gabby Communications, which was established in 2005. Her background includes expertise in résumé writing and career transition assistance. Ruth is dedicated to helping individuals reach their goals through résumé services and job search assistance. She has over four years of training on thousands of client résumés, cover letters, and job search strategy programs by two senior-level career counselors. Her résumés have also been published by JIST in the Fifth Edition of Gallery of Best Résumés.

With a Masters degree in Business Administration from Colorado State University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Kennesaw State University, and a Web Technologies certification from International Webmasters Association, Ruth understands the technology job market and employer needs.

Larry Gabbard INTP, M.A., M.S., Owner eLCie, Career Consultant, Organizational Development Specialist and Researcher. MBTI and Strong qualified. Recipient 2005 APTi National Merit Award. RMAPT Treasurer. Trainer Colorado 40 Plus. Studied, researched and taught the Enneagram. Authored Occupational Lists for Career Counseling Professionals and Enneagram Patterns in MBTIÒ Type Tables. His latest work Seven Dimensions of Career AwarenessTM allows students and clients to identify their unique occupational interests. Seasoned Presenter APTi., IEA, NCDA CCDA Conferences.  Retired Mechanical Engineer AT&T where he supervised engineering teams.

We are also in discussions with a few companies that can come and do an interview with attendees.  We look forward to making some additional announcements.