Last #SQLGive Update

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Events, SQLServerPedia Syndication

I wanted to send one final update on the #SQLGive event that we had at the PASS Summit this year.  It was such a big success that we have already started talking about next years PASS Summit and doing it again.  First off I wanted to thank everyone who donated items for #SQLGive.  The reason for this post today is to hopefully get even more people excited about doing this next year, maybe we can double what we did a couple weeks ago. In case you missed it here is a complete wrap up…
What is #SQLGive?

#SQLGive is a hash tag that attendees to the PASS Summit used on twitter.  Tweets on this tag helped people get the word out about a series of donations of shampoo, soap and other items.  Most of these items were collected by the attendees from the hotels they were staying in and after they were collected by the organizers they were turned over to the local homeless shelter.  The collection in my eyes was a huge success. We were able to donate 2 large trash bags full of items over to the local shelter. One bag had nothing but what we considered “wet” items in it, such as the shampoo.  The other bag had items like gloves, hats and even a couple boxes of food.  To get an idea of how much that is I included a picture below of just some of the items before they were donated, and a picture of Tom’s SAAB, over at the shelter turning in the items.
Who did this whole #SQLGive thing?

Most importantly it was you: The Attendee. Without those who donated none of this could have been done.

We had a number of companies that were willing to help us by collecting items in their booths in the vendor hall.  I wanted to recognize all the vendors who were able to take the time and space to help us.

  • Idera  (booth 221)    
  • Perpetual Technologies  (booth 516)
  • Quest (booth 502)
     SSWUG (booth 236
  • SQL Sentry  (booth 512)

I also wanted to make a quick mention of two individuals that really helped us out with #SQLGive:  Kendal Van Dyke (Twitter|Blog) brought all of this together and really was the big drive behind getting things moving.  However, all of the logistics as far as working with the local shelter and delivering the goods was on the shoulders of Tom Roush (Twitter|Blog).


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