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I wanted to send one final update on the #SQLGive event that we had at the PASS Summit this year.  It was such a big success that we have already started talking about next years PASS Summit and doing it again.  First off I wanted to thank everyone who donated items for #SQLGive.  The reason for this post today is to hopefully get even more people excited about doing this next year, maybe we can double what we did a couple weeks ago. In case you missed it here is a complete wrap up…
What is #SQLGive?

#SQLGive is a hash tag that attendees to the PASS Summit used on twitter.  Tweets on this tag helped people get the word out about a series of donations of shampoo, soap and other items.  Most of these items were collected by the attendees from the hotels they were staying in and after they were collected by the organizers they were turned over to the local homeless shelter.  The collection in my eyes was a huge success. We were able to donate 2 large trash bags full of items over to the local shelter. One bag had nothing but what we considered “wet” items in it, such as the shampoo.  The other bag had items like gloves, hats and even a couple boxes of food.  To get an idea of how much that is I included a picture below of just some of the items before they were donated, and a picture of Tom’s SAAB, over at the shelter turning in the items.
Who did this whole #SQLGive thing?

Most importantly it was you: The Attendee. Without those who donated none of this could have been done.

We had a number of companies that were willing to help us by collecting items in their booths in the vendor hall.  I wanted to recognize all the vendors who were able to take the time and space to help us.

  • Idera  (booth 221)    
  • Perpetual Technologies  (booth 516)
  • Quest (booth 502)
     SSWUG (booth 236
  • SQL Sentry  (booth 512)

I also wanted to make a quick mention of two individuals that really helped us out with #SQLGive:  Kendal Van Dyke (Twitter|Blog) brought all of this together and really was the big drive behind getting things moving.  However, all of the logistics as far as working with the local shelter and delivering the goods was on the shoulders of Tom Roush (Twitter|Blog).


So do you want to know what the largest SQL Server Event in the world looks like? From just an hour of looking at photos I grabbed a few of them that Pat Wright took. These images show what an awesome event that the SQL Server PASS Summit is. It always surprises me at how many new friends I make each year. This year a few people even had some really kind words for me. The experience was just awesome. Pass did a great job of helping first timers start networking, and showing them how to get the most from PASS.

If you have been reading my blog you may remember a post abut SQL Give, I am really excited to tell you that we had a number of items that we were able to donate to the local shelter, we even had some backpacks to top it off. One of the images below will show just how much. Next year I hope that we can get even more.

The SQL Server MVP Deep Dives Vol. 2 book made its debut at the PASS Summit as well, I wrote chapter 3 in the book and I cannot tell you how honored I am on so many levels to be part of this book. First and foremost the book is for Operation Smile. To top off the fact that the profits go to charity, to be considered to write with the other authors is very humbling. If you would like a copy of the book you can order it here.

On Thursday many of the Pass attendees gathered at my favorite place to eat, called Elliot’s Oyster Bar. The crab legs from there are just awesome, I have never had better.

So, I really had a great time, I learned a lot and I hope next year is going to even be better.

Photograph by Pat Wright

Photograph by Pat Wright

Photograph by Pat Wright

Photograph by Pat Wright

Photograph by Pat Wright

Photograph by Kendal Van Dyke

Photograph by Jason Horner


It’s here, the last day is here, and for most of us we will be leaving our host on Friday. With a big Thanks to PASS, we say goodbye. And a bigger Thank You to everyone who collected their extra hotel hygiene items, coats and hats for the #SQLGIVE donations. If you didn’t get a chance to drop off your supplies yet, items can be dropped off at the conference near the book store. We will have someone there all day to collect what is left of your supplies.



If you are not planning to use your laptop bag provided this week, drop it off as well. These bags will be donated to Union Gospel Mission and used by school children for their supplies.

There has been a great response of donated items thus far and we hope to get even more on Friday. Thank you Very Much.


One last additional not, The Publisher of The MVP Deep Dives Book vol.2 will be bringing added books to the book store. Don’t go home without at least a couple signatures in you book.



Chris Shaw


The Conference starts on Wednesday, but many of the pre-conference events started today. The Microsoft MVP’s went to a insiders event over at the Microsoft campus while pre-conference sessions started. All this was happening while people were still coming in from all over the world. I met someone from England and someone from Somalia today, this event is awesome and is a must attend if you are in the SQL Server arena. I am not sure if you are going to get a post from me each day that I am here just because sometimes it gets really busy. I did however want to make sure that if you are at the PASS Summit that you make sure you get the most that you can from the event.

  • Don’t forget #SQLGive. There will be places to drop off all your unused hotel supplies in the vendor area. You can find all the information here.
  • If you are here and don’t have a cheat sheet make sure you check out Jen’s card.
  • Make the most of your time, go to the after events, the WIT lunch, the runs, the photo walks. All you have to do is follow #SQLPass at the event and you will be in the know.

I hope you have a great time if you are here, and if not… Well make it a point to be here next year.



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We need your help…
(last updated 10/8/11)

A group of people that attended the Pass Summit last year really wanted to see what we could do to give back to the community (There are many people involved with this).  Kalen Delaney, one of my favorite SQL Server Professionals, had this great idea to donate unused soap and shampoo type items for the local homeless charities.

Here is where you can drop everything off.

Perpetual Technologies  (booth 516)

SQL Sentry  (booth 512)

Ideara  (booth 221)

Quest (booth 502)

SSWUG (booth 236)

On Friday with the help of Tom Roush this will be passed along to a local charity. 

So if you are not going to use all your toiletries in your hotel room rather than seeing them go to waste, please bring them to the vendor area.  This can really help someone in need.

If you have the room in your bag and have extra gloves, or scarfs please feel free to bring those as well.  Those of us who are going to the PASS Summit can give back to Seattle.  Help us get the word out with the hash tag #SQLGive.

Thank You, I look forward to seeing you there.

Chris Shaw