Great News

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Events, SQLServerPedia Syndication

I received some really exciting news this last week.  It had to do with the results of DBTechCon.  I was a track mentor for the 100 level sessions for the conference, and had the opportunity to schedule the speakers and the sessions that appeared on the track.  The two people I worked with on this track are my good friends Tom Roush and Wendy Pastrick.  Sessions included everything from Growing Pains, to Challenges one might face at work.  During the conference itself I was able to watch many of the sessions. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the content!  Knowing how great the content was and the level of all the great speakers that were at this event, has made me really proud to announce the following awards were handed about by SSWUG for the conference:

         The session that had the most attendees was the Growing Pains session that I delivered.   In this session we talked about issues that DBAs face when working with databases as they mature and grow.

         The session that had the best survey results was awarded to Wendy Pastrick for her session on Visualizing Your Indexes.  During this session Wendy gave some great information about working with indexes to make your searches faster.


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