SQLSat#66 Tell me about your Twitter Handle

Posted: March 20, 2011 in SQLServerPedia Syndication

Most of this information is for users who came to SQL Sat #66, but I would really like to have a list of twitter accounts grouped by what they work on with SQL Server. If you would like to be on this list please send me an email. Chris @ SQLSHAW.COM (Remove spaces). Think of this as a yellow book for SQL Server Twiter users.

During our SQL Saturday we had a white board where we posted all the twitter handles for everyone that attended the event. I would like to get all these names listed out so everyone may have starting point when they are trying to find someone. Here is what I ask of you… if you name is on this board over the next week please let me know what group you would like to in. For example I am SQLShaw and I prefer to be in a group with DB Admins or DB Architects. Look at the bottom of this post for the graph. I will be creating a perm page here or on the User Group side for this info. As a side note, the pictures look great I am going to upload many of them, give me a couple days. Here are the people I am really hoping to hear from.

@SQLShaw = me

@MrAndrewDykstra = Andrew Dykstra

@SQLPrincess = Rebecca Mitchell

@Bill_Pearson = Bill Pearson

@Randy_Knight = Randy Knight

@TJNorman = Tom Norman

@BillinKC = Bill Fellows

@douglane4 = Doug Lane

@CFRandall = Chris Randall

@TEDMALONE= Ted Malone

@TJayBelt = TJayBelt

@extofer = Gabriel Villa

@coffegrl = Meredith Ryan Smith (Meredith correct me where I am wrong.)

@LynnPettis = Lynn Pettis

@greeleygeek = Kelly Martinez

@MTNDBA = Andre Dubois

@DrewA5280 = Drew (could not read the last night)

@KCdwyer = Catherine Dwyer

@DataRealized = Jeremy Lowell

@GlennAlanBerry = Glenn Berry

@Jason Horner = Jason Horner

I would like to put everyone in a category looking something like this. Your name could go into many places. The idea here is to keep the communication and the networking that we started at the event to keeping our connections together. Please send me an email at Chris @ SQLShaw.com (remove the spaces.) I would love to have a really great list on who we know we can ask questions to.

DB Admin DB Developer BI Developer DB Architect BI Architect
@SQLShaw @douglane4 @Bill_Pearson @SQLShaw @Bill_Pearson
@GarethSwan @greeleygeek @CFRandall @way0utwest @CFRandall
@johndanley @johndanley @DataRealized @DataRealized
@tsqlprincess @tsqlprincess
@DataRealized @DataRealized
  1. way0utwest says:

    Db architect: @way0utwest

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