What A Week

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Events, SQLServerPedia Syndication

I am working on a couple blog posts that I want to post in the next couple weeks. One of them is a list of what I think PASS should be. I mention this because I think it is just as important to each of the SQL Server Professionals that read this to make a decision and ask for what you actually want. So many people can and do complain or talk about how PASS does this or PASS doesn’t do that. I think that as a true community we owe it not only to ourselves but the rest of the community to make a statement about what we want. If you could talk to the PASS Board and make a request on what you think PASS should be, then I think you need to make it a point. Either post a blog, or send me an email, you can even leave a comment here and I will post my list and add any comments or emails that I get.

So where am I this week, why didn’t I put up something last week, and what’s going on?

MVP Summit

This week I was able to attend my first MVP Summit. If you follow people on twitter I am sure you have seen the #MVP11 hash tag. Chances are you are wondering what the heck is going on with all this NDA business that you are seeing. Here is the scoop: As a MVP one of the benefits I receive is the ability to sit in sessions where information is discussed that, well, I just can’t talk about it. There are cases when MVP’s have even said things on accident and they have lost the MVP Award.

So is this why I came to the Summit. Yeah I have received a ton of great information, but I have also met a number of really cool people, people outside SQL Server that are MVP’s in the software that they work with. The networking has been incredible. I have also been able to have discussions with other MVP’s about issues I have seen over the last few weeks. It’s great to have a second opinion on these.


I am back speaking at the SSWUG Virtual conference. This year the name has been changed and there has been a slight bit of a change when it comes to how I am involved. In this conference I am hosting a track that is going to focus on DBA 100 level sessions. These sessions contain information that new DBAs need when they start. This information includes technical skills and personal development skills. I will join Tom Roush and Wendy Pastrick for a couple sessions. I am really excited about this content and to be back involved with the event. If you want to get a discount off the normal price I am told you can use my special VIP code (SP11DBTechCS) and you will receive $30.00 off the total price. Make sure that when you use the code that you update the total price or you may not get the discount. I hope to see you there.

Deep Dives Book

The Deep Dives book is going to have a sequel. I missed being in the first book by just a week or two, however I am in the second version. I am really, really excited to be part of a book that has so many of the people that I look up to as authors. I will be working on the architecture section writing about the Growth Pains we feel when we see a database start to grow.

Rocky Mountain Trifecta

As of Monday, the event has sold out.  We are very excited about the tremendous response we have received.  For those that have not registered yet, there is a waitlist they can join by visiting www.rmtechtrifecta.com.


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