SQL Saturday Wrap Up

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Events, SQLServerPedia Syndication

I would hate to say I speak for all the organizers or SQL Saturday, but the truth is I think they are going to share the same opinion, why? The feeling is overwhelming when you walk out the door after the completion of a successful SQL Saturday. Months of work from many people, vendors and sponsors all come together. If you attended the event, Thank You. If you have a SQL Saturday near you I recommend that you try to attend one, if you don’t why not try to organize one?

If you did attend and you are looking for the link to your free e-book, watch your email over the next couple days.

All said and done I think we were just under 80 people who signed up for the event and over 45 people who attended the event. We believe that our ideas of networking were a big success but only time will tell. The discussions that we were part of were all positive. Twitter even has some great messages, and the pictures I believe say a lot.


No tweets from @greeleygeek , @extofer , @marcbeacom in @cfrandall ‘s presentation. They must be paying attention #sqlsat66



@cfrandall is packing 2 days of material in under 50 minutes outstanding #sqlsat66


Many got into the Hockey Theme

@shellynoll SQL Speed dating. Great idea from #sqlsat66 to get everyone to network. People introduce themselves & why there

Bill Fellows


What a great day at #sqlsat66. Well done event. Now for the pain of knowing I have to pick up @tjaybelt at 4:30 am for the flight home.


Big thanks to the organizers and volunteers for #sqlsat66 for putting on a great event!


And we had a great local photographer More pictures are to come…


But none of this could be done without our sponsors.

  1. Rebecca says:


    You put in a lot of work for this and did a great job! Thanks for letting me help out! It was such a blast (minus the cold)! 🙂


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