Keeping Up

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Events, SQLServerPedia Syndication

There are times where it is easier to keep up than others.  This last couple weeks is one of those time frames where there are just more things to do than there is time to do it.  As I put this together I am in route to Tucson to take part in the next SSWUG Conference, I missed one of these events because of a new position that I started just over a year ago.  In the past year there has been a number of changes and I am really excited to see what the future offers.  First thing of note is the format of the SSWUG conference;  this time around I am going to be a track mentor.  If you have questions on what a track mentor is don’t feel alone, I did as well.  I really think this is a neat idea, here is the jist of it:  As a track mentor I get to work with one subject inside the SQL Server domain.  I chose SQL Server 100 level topics.  In this topic area there are 11 sessions that will cover some of the basics of SQL Server.  In addition to doing a number of sessions on one subject, I was also given the opportunity to pick the speakers that I am working with.  If you have not seen the schedule yet, I sat down and thought about what speakers do a great job in presenting topics and helping people.  There were a number of people that came to mind, and there are many very talented speakers.  After a lot of thinking about the options I decided to work with Tom Roush and Wendy Pastrick

Coming up even sooner is SQL Saturday #66.   This event will be held in Colorado Springs, CO on February 12th.  There are 2 complete tracks with speakers from all over coming in to share with us their SQL Server knowledge.  When we sat down and started to talk about SQL Saturday #66, we really wanted to make sure we could make this the best event we could; we wanted it to be more.  We decided to add as much networking that we could to the event.  This will give the opportunity for people to not just learn but meet other people who are learning as well.  Think of going to a event with a learning partner.  We have added some features to the event that we hope will help bring out the common attributes with the attendees.

 Shortly after SQL Saturday #66 the Rocky Mountain Trifecta will be doing its annual event.  This event takes place in Denver and will last all day,  the format is very close to that of a SQL Saturday but in addition to SQL Server they also have .NET Technologies.  If I get selected to speak at this event it will be my 3rd year. 

 While I wrap up this post I thought I would mention that I just finished doing some database mirroring work and I think I am going to put together some articles and posts that will dive into this topic.  I did a presentation for the local user group on the basics of database mirroring. The short, 100 level session went over well with the attendees so I think I may expand it to a full presentation with a demo on how to set up the SQL Server feature.  If there is time I will follow it up with some additional information about the Always On feature that will be released with the next version of SQL Server.


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