A New Look at SQL Saturday

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Events, SQLServerPedia Syndication

SQL Saturday #66 is no longer a dream… Here it is.

(I got lucky that we got the SQL Sat number of my all-time favorite hockey player Mario Lemieux, I wonder if we could get SWAG related to that?)

A number of years ago a bunch of us here in Colorado hosted what we were calling at the time a PASS Camp.  It was done here in Colorado with the help of the user groups.  Since then the SQL Saturday wave has hit us and we are getting more and more training for free then I think we have ever seen before.  Over the summer I spoke at the KC SQL Saturday and was involved with hosting the Denver SQL Saturday and well it just came natural to see if we could do one in Colorado Springs.  As the Colorado Springs SQL Server Users Group started to sit down and think about how we could do this and what we could do we had some really exciting thoughts.  What if we look at SQL Saturday just a little differently?  What if DBA’s could not only get sessions out of the SQL Saturday but also a great networking event as well?  Would people come and how could we make this fun?

After a discussion with a local company we now have our first sponsor to the event.  A company called Mr. Biggs is going to help us out with space and the fun aspect of our SQL Sat #66, Mr. Biggs is a local family fun center. So I hope you have a big question in your mind about how all this is going to work.  This is what we are planning for now.  It could change, and we are looking for feedback so please feel free to let us know what you think.

We are thinking about starting the day with a Keynote that is more of a Welcome session with a fun networking event built in. What we can do is sit people in a circle with similar technology interests and then prompt them with a couple of questions to get the discussion started. The goal would be to talk to each person in the same interest group for a couple of minutes each. Think of the classic speed dating type of game, but we would be talking about SQL Server and technology. After that we will all head into our first session of the day. Lunch is going to be covered right there at Mr. Biggs and I have been promised the food will be enough to warm us up if there is a chill in the air.

Between each session and at lunch time we are going to take advantage of all the fun stuff at Mr. Biggs, we are going to have options to drive go carts, go bowl a couple frames and maybe even do a couple video games. Now at the end of the day, normally there is a big closing session, but there is going to be a slight twist. All I will say is that at this point it looks like a sand box is going to be involved and there should be lots of great SWAG to find. The after event will be right there on site where we can continue to bowl, or just have fun. The goal is that we don’t want the networking to stop when the SQL Saturday is over. Make new friends, meet new peers and share ideas with the SQL Server world.

Please if you have time, come on over on Feb 12th and join us for SQL Saturday #66.

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  2. Jack Corbett says:

    Wow, sounds like an interesting and fun event. If I hadn’t gone to Denver I’d come to Colorado Springs. Oh and the fact that it is in February when it is probably cold means I don’t want to leave sunny FL.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hey Jack,

    I left Florida for Colorado in January 2009. If I can do it, so can you! 🙂 Granted, I moved here which is different than visiting, but it’s a great place with great people. We’d love for you to come by but understand if you are unable to.

    Would it help if we threw in a fleece blanket and maybe some earmuffs? 🙂

  4. Ha, one of the coolest things about SQLSaturday is seeing folks add their own regional “twist” to the event to make it memorable (e.g. KC BBQ joint tour, Tampa’s Cuban lunch, etc.). I wish you guys the best, sounds like an awesome idea!

  5. […] much fun! Want to see just how cool? For a sneak preview, just take a gander at Chris Shaw’s blog!  Go carts? Bowling? Video games? Fun for the whole family while you get your fill of SQL and a […]

  6. Andy Warren says:

    I agree with Jorge, I like seeing regional twists and innovations, and the cross pollination that results as people take the ideas back home.


    • Chris Shaw says:

      Hi Andy,

      Sorry we were not able to catch up in Seattle, It was crazy. I will be sure to post how the event goes, and I hope we get a lot of people blogging and twittering about it. If nothing else to see if it is a format that people like.


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