Where do you go after the Pass Summits?

Posted: October 26, 2010 in SQLServerPedia Syndication


In just a few weeks I will be in Seattle gearing up for the full week up there, the summit is Nov. 8th to 11th. But what do you do if you still have some things that you want to learn, or what if you have speakers you wanted to talk to. Well there are many options for you. One of these options is a local SQL Saturday. But this year in May there is going to be a SQL Rally… It is going to be a 2 day event that will include preconference seminars as well. As I mentioned I will be at the Summit and well I am hoping I will be at the Rally. Steve Jones from SQL Server Central was willing to submit a session with me for a Pre-Conference event. At this point it looks like we have made it past the first line of acceptance. The next line of acceptance is you… Yes we need you to help us be selected for speakers during the Pre Conference. Just in case you were wondering… Here is the session that Steve and I proposed.


Finding your Dream Job

SQL Server MVP’s Steve Jones and Chris Shaw

The job market is becoming more and more competitive all the time as employees become more and more efficient at accomplishing more work and employers look to reduce their headcounts. This session will present the attendee with practical tips, tricks, and skills for enhancing their marketability. They will learn how to better use networking to their advantage, both online and offline, develop a technical blog, and build a better resume. Once someone has an interview, we provide them with techniques to prepare for the interview, and how to not only impress the potential employer, but also assess if this is the job they really desire.


  1. A technical blog not only shows your expertise but your dedication to your trade. Come out of this session learning what works well with a blog and how to leverage it in the job search.
  2. Does anyone hire without researching a candidate online? Learn how to use the internet to your advantage.
  3. Come away with a method you can use to see how well you and a opportunity match up.
  4. Spend time learning the do’s and don’ts of a resume. Bring your resume along with you for an opportunity to have it reviewed.
  5. Interviews are the decision point in most employment decisions, make sure you are not making one of the common mistakes that will eliminate your from the running.

We are really excited to have a chance to speak at the SQL Rally. If you have some time and you think this session looks like something you would like to see, please vote on the session.




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