Speaker Day in KC

Posted: October 2, 2010 in SQLServerPedia Syndication
  • When you go to a town you have never been to, or a town that you have not really seen from a locals stand point there is always questions on the best way to see the area. There is always the array of pamphlets at the hotels for a last ditch effort, but is that the best bet?
  • How do you treat speakers that come into town on a weekend to speak at your event?
  • What is good to eat in the area that you live, I mean we all have to eat right?

Really all this points to a handful of questions on what happens the day before SQL Saturday. It appears that Kansas City has taken this opportunity to shine. We started the day here around noon with a bus that just did not have enough clearance to get out of the drive, after a number of snickers and cheers we were well on our way. Bill Graziano was kind enough to take us around KC for a real treat. It was my first ever Bar Be Que crawl. What is that you ask???? We went from restaurant to restaurant ordering a small bit of food to give us a sample of the local favorites. I have to say I had a great time and ended up in places that I would not have normally gone to by myself. Some of the places we ate have been feeding presidents for years.

Once we finished up the crawl, we had some minor obstacles that we had to overcome before we headed to our Suite. Not the hotel Suite, the Suite at the Royals baseball game. We were had yet even more food, a great view of the game and company for hours. The water fountains in the outfield were awesome and local vendor cart that sold custer became a spot that only a few of us were able to find.

Before you know it we are back in the camper having a debate on some of the topics that we had been discussing during the day. End result is up to this point I can tell you that the KC area hosts one heck of a SQL Saturday. Thanks KC. If you will have me I will be back next year.



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