Day 1 SQL Road Trip

Posted: October 1, 2010 in SQLServerPedia Syndication

Well it took us 11 hours to go from Colorado Springs to KC. You may be asking yourself why the heck would 4 guys jump in one of those guys camper and drive 11 hours. If you did that is a good question. Half of us are out here to speak at a great event that has been making its way across the country. This phenomenon that I speak of is the SQL Sat. These are events that are hosted by local groups that ask that speakers come and share their wealth of knowledge. Last weekend in Denver we had over 160 people show with some great sessions delivered by a number of speakers. So if you are looking for some great free training with speakers that you may not always have a chance to see look for a SQL Saturday in your area.

But I have still not answered the question. What the heck motivated us to do this, I mean heck one of us may be getting a cold, one of us have had the nocturnal habits compared to a bear while the other two are cannot stop using twitter. Well here is the scoop. These trips are out of pocket for most speakers, so rather than spending $400.00 for each of us to get a rom and another $1,000.00 on flights makes for a combined total of $1,400.00 without food and a rental car. But when we do it together we are able to do the trip for about $600.00.


So here in the camper we have plenty of room, and for one of us at least we are used to the bed. Rather than a hotel room hall we have a nice little patch of grass and a couple in the site next to us on their way to Texas. The only thing that we are not going to be able to do that we planned on is a camp fire. But I think we are going to hit one on the way back I think.

Here in about an hour we are going to do a BBQ crawl and then over to the Royals baseball game. I would much rather attend qualifying over at the race track but I already have a ticket to tonight’s game. That and the guys I am with would much rather watch a slow baseball game than cars driving at 180 MPH. So I will post more pictures later tonight or Saturday some time.


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