Archive for September 15, 2010

I can never be reminded enough that it does not hurt to just check in on the servers you manage. With SQL Server as stable as it is there are many times well… you can just forget about some of the servers. So if you have some time today, make sure that you are completing these actions on your servers:

  • Backup your databases, even on a development role server you need to make sure that you have backups and it meets the company’s needs.
  • Don’t just check to make sure your Backups are being done, Test the restores.
  • Check your patch levels; do you have the new patches from Microsoft? Have they been installed?
  • Check your SQL Server Error logs, is there anything looking just a bit off?
  • Check your system Logs, do you know what all the warnings are?
  • Check your SQL Server Job History, are they still running like they should?
  • Have you done a comparison between your databases in the different environments? One thing to remember he is many shops that use tools to do the deltas between production and development or UAT servers can accidently role something into production that should not be there. It is just as important to make sure your development servers have version of the database that matches production as it is to make sure you don’t develop on production servers.
  • Check your security accounts; is there anything there that you did not anticipate?
  • How is the disk space on the servers? Are you at risk for running out of space and taking an extended outage because you have to just find some place for that data?

You may want to consider creating an auto ticket or even a calendar reminder if you can that will remind you to check these and other items on a regular basis.