SQL Events

Posted: September 2, 2010 in SQLServerPedia Syndication

I am trying to come up with a list of all the SQL Server events, I have these jotted down and I would like to add to this every couple weeks to update it. If you know of an event that I have missed could you send me an email (SQLShaw @ Comcast.net) remember to remove the spaces, or add a comment here?

Date  Event  Free Event
9/7 Introduction to SQL Server Statistics Yes
9/15 to 9/16 24 hours of Pass Yes
9/18 SQL Sat Raleigh Yes
9/18 SQL Sat Iowa Yes
9/18 SQL Sat San Diego Yes
9/24 SSWUG Free Expo Yes
9/25 SQL Sat Denver Yes
9/30 to 10/2 SQL Bits No
10/2 SQL Sat KC Yes
10/2 SQL Sat Columbia Yes
10/5 Using Storage to Increase Database Performance Yes
10/16 SQL Sat Orlando Yes
10/20 to 10/22 SSWUG V -Conference No
10/23 SQL Sat
Salt Lake
10/23 SQL Sat Dallas (BI) Yes
10/29 SQL Sat Minnesota Yes
11/1 to 11/4 SQL Connections No
11/8 to 11/11 PASS Summit No
11/20 SQL Sat NYC Yes
1/22 SQL Sat Louisville Yes
1/29 SQL Sat Houston Yes
2/19 SQL Sat Phoenix Yes

Updated 9/2/10

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