Exciting New, well Exciting for Me

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Uncategorized


Well it has been a few years from the last time I spoke at PASS. But this year I submitted a few abstracts and was excited to learn last week that I will be presenting there in Seattle this year in November. PASS is an exciting event with a lot of get together’ s that surround it. I can’t wait to get back in the saddle and see old friends and make new ones. I have talked to a couple of other people and it sounds like it will be another good year.

I have also started working on an article series for SSWUG that will look at a number of common mistakes; we will define why they are mistakes and what the options are. I believe this is going to be a series of nine articles. The first two that I am working on is avoiding over simplified permissions by adding everyone to DBO and why people should use stored procedures.

On the SQL Perspectives blog we will be jumping into Section 3 Database Administration of the SQL Server Deep Dives book. The first chapter in this section is all about what it means to be a DBA by Brad McGehee.


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