In My Tools Database

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have mentioned time and time again to people… when you want to learn more about SQL Server it’s time to create your own database, and now use that database to track all sort of things, like the history of your database growth, or what about the history of your jobs long term? Even the number of times your procs have been executed can be tracked in your database world, this database will help you be a better DBA. What a better way to learn then using your databases that you understand. If you don’t understand them, you will when you’re done.

With the DMV’s containing all the information about your server that most of us ask for this experience will not only provide you with awesome information but creating this on your own will help you develop your skills. So where do you start? First keep your info in there and by reading all the DMV’s that you can and use them to fill the tables. When your done it is time to add the tools that can help in you so many more places, this is where Denis Gobo chapter comes helpful in the SQL Server Deep Dives Book. Use the code, use the hints that he gives you.

The two different types of data can exist in different databases, but the thought is the same.

Thanks for the chapter Denis.


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