What’s in your Tool Box?

Posted: May 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

There have been a number of posts and a number of questions about what different DBA’s keep in their tool belt’s. If you are not familiar with the term it refers to what items do you keep handy with you if you need to step up and start working on a SQL Server that you have never been on before. There is so much information that you may need to gather to help you make a good determination on causes of issues, or even where you should focus your work to make the greatest positive impact on the database. I myself have posted a couple entries on what I keep in my tool box and even looking at backup compression tools as well.

In the first post that I did I mentioned that chances are you have a number of scripts that you use. These are scripts that may lead you to short cuts or just have syntax handy so you don’t have to run over to BOL each time you need it. One set of scripts that I am finding myself using more and more every day are the DMV’s. There is so much information in here that you really can get most of the information that you need from looking at a DMV. There are a number of really good DBA’s around the country that have been generating the DMV’s to put the information in a much easier to read format. They have written queries to show you everything from indexing issues to backup issues. If you don’t have a list of these then I must tell you that I think you have to start collecting them. In the future, I plan to start posting some of these.

I will only post a DMV where I have asked the author if it is OK for me to re-post and I will give you a link to where I have found it.

My goals here are simple.

  1. A collection of DMV’s that I use may help someone else, if they do great.
  2. A collection of DMV’s in a central location help me when I am looking for one and I need it soon.
    1. I will be tagging these for ease of finding.

Let me know what you think. I may write some of these, but I know that most of these will be from other people. I may have adjusted them but I will always do it with permissions and with credit to the person that wrote the DMV.



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