So what is going On

Posted: April 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

I should say right off the bat…  If you are looking for Chris Shaw the guy that won millions of dollars in the power ball,  well that is not me. 

Well, here is the scoop. My brain is more or less has been depleted of any useful information. So I figured I would bring you up to date on what is coming up…

This week I finished the writing portion of the book that I am working on. We now enter the tech edit phase, if you have not heard about this before this is when they have someone check all the code you have placed in the book and validate all the facts that you are using. It was a nice thing to see that my editor has some insight to what is going to be going thought my mind. At first when I started the book he said once I was done or once I had turned in a chapter I would want to change things. Well that is so true, and on top of it I have already received great comments from one of the editors.

This week is also the time to get your sessions in if you wanted to speak at SQL Connections 2010. Take a look at the blog post on Paul Randall’s site. I have to admit that this is the best abstract submission site I have seen.

PASS is starting to take registrations for the Free 24 hours of PASS. This is a great event that is going to have a number of good speakers there.

There are a number of SQL Saturday events coming your way. If you are not near one contact a close user group and ask if there is a chance there to host one. There are a number of resources to help with these events. More information can be found on the main webpage located here. From what I see NYC, Atlanta and Huntington Beach are all having one tomorrow.

So to wrap everything up… This week we had Ben Hoelting in for the Colorado Springs SQL Server User Group. It was awesome to have him not only tell us about how LINQ helps in the development process but showed us. As a group of DBA’s we see things through the DBA’s colored glasses. This session helped me understand more of what the developers are seeing, and with that insight I can have better discussion with them on the best way to access the databases. Thanks Ben.

At the same meeting we announced that the Colorado SQL Server User Groups are coming together to host a couple of events over the summer and even longer term. If you are in Colorado keep an eye out for some really great events…


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