At a Loss for Words

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s not very often where I am left with a complete lack of words. It has taken me 5 days to get to the point where I can admit that I don’t have anything other to say than Thank You.

April 1st, I was awarded the Microsoft MVP award for SQL Server. This is my second award and I think this means as much to me as the first. As I was looking around I ran across this post by Paul Randal. This is an awesome description of what and MVP is and what it means to him. I sat down and thought I would take his lead, well because he is a great resource and has a great outlook. But as I have sat down a half a dozen times to write what this means to me, I just find myself talking in circles…


So here it is, what does being an MVP mean to me? To me it is a couple items, first and foremost it is an award that says Thank You to the work I have done around SQL Server. This award means that my work with the communities was considered to be worthwhile of being recognized. When you get an award like this it says, wow, we saw what you did and we appreciate it.

Second, and just as important it means that I am being thanked along with some really awesome people. I am humbled to have my name listed by theirs, and I have to thank each and every one of them, the MVP’s are a great resource for learning even for us MVP’s.

So I am left with who I should thank… Well first and foremost, I thank God, My wife, My Son, My Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law, friends who have believed in me all the way from High School and I would never forget my own Mother, who has never forgot me and has supported me through so many rough times.

When it comes to professionals I have worked with, Buck Woody, Kalen Delany, Steve Wynkoop, Hilary Cotter, Donald Farmer, Brent Ozar, Thomas La Rock, Kathi Kallenberger, Tim Ford, TJay Belt, Jasson Massie, Ted Malone, Paul Neilsen, Kat Meadows, Jeremy Lowell, Marc Beacom, and the list goes on and on. Just because someone is not on this list does not mean that they are not important. I am so sorry I cannot remember everyone’s name at 11:08 at night. I hope I still have the pleasure to work with you in the future.

I can’t forget Carm, Charlie Jones, Everyone in DBA School, Jorge Segarra, Tom Roush, Max Trinidad, Rachal A., Klara Barton and so many others.  I am so embarrased that I forget some of the best people I know

I would also like to thank the readers of this blog. Sometimes its rant, other times it is a tip and well sometimes it is a heads up for upcoming events.



On another note… Over the next couple days I have some great news for Colorado. If you are a SQL Server User in Colorado please keep an eye on this blog for a great announcement, or two…

  1. Marc Beacom says:

    Congratulations Chris!

    It is great to hear that your MVP status has been renewed. You have definitely done a lot not only here in Colorado but also at a national level. Thanks for being a driver in the community and taking things to a whole new level!

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