Archive for March 12, 2010

How many times have you said that? Let’s say you are walking around the grocery store and you are trying to remember all the ingredients that you need for the Chili recipe you convinced me to send you. But then it all the sudden hits you. If I had a database that all I had to do was punch in what I want for dinner it would say BAM… Here is your list. But wait, like any good developer or database person. You think, this could kick so much more butt if it listed all the items in order. Think of the money savings on that bad boy. And I know someone working on it, but not the point.

There is a database that is out there now on the web that is something this country has needed for a long time. Something I have looked at a number of times and said, hey we need to do that. The problem is less than 10% of the Law Officials are using the database. So what is it? It’s a database that is meant to help find the 100,000 missing people today. This database is designed so anyone can enter information about missing people and even medical examiners can enter data. So why are we not using it? The offices either don’t know it’s there or they cannot use the free service (Still trying to figure that one out, but the city at my house removed light bulbs from street lamps to save electricity, then paid for stickers on the light bulb so I can see that it’s not there).

Where do you find this information? The site is called please help if at nothing else to get the word out about this. I know that many of us, have lost friends and maybe we know where they are. There are over 100,000 people out there that don’t. We have the technology to help and they have found 6 already. Take the time and pass the word. If you don’t do it here, send the local paper a letter and let them know we need to make sure everyone gets home.