Are you Standing Still?

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

I was doing my review for the chapter last night on the Deep Dives book and we are in the middle of the set based iterations chapter. Now this entry is not so much about the Deep Dives book review but more along the lines of learning. I am currently in the position where I am going to have to take on Admin of SSAS, this is really far out of my comfort zone and I am really surprised on how I got really nervous about it. But then I stopped and realized, we live in the information age (or that is what they tell me). There are so many resources on the web between blogs, MSDN, experts, independent sites and even conferences you don’t have to leave your office for.

So why are we not learning more, or are we and I am just a bit behind how aggressive the thirst for knowledge is? I hate to admit it but many times I am so busy that need is what drives what I am going to learn this week. When I have a few extra minutes I spend that time catching up with the many tasks where I may be behind. Well I am excited that I get to build a stable foundation in something new. If you have a place where you recommend I start with SSAS please drop me a line, as of now I am pulling out my DVD from the last conference and re-watching some sessions.

  1. If you like watching webcasts, here is the list of them related to SSAS :

    Absolute majority of articles and blog posts related to SSAS are categorized and linked from my website:

    Good luck learning SSAS!

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