Have you Ever Noticed…

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

*Warning not just SQL*


Example 1

I just bought a new truck, see I was paying for my charger to sit in the garage and was driving my older truck, my older truck would not have made the months of the 150 miles I have to drive to work each day. Well here is the point. My sales guy and his manager were doing everything they could to sell me this truck, and they made me a great deal. There were a number of things that they were going to do and it was agreed upon before the sale. It was even on the “We Owe” document, but when it came down to it they kept my truck 21 days and I had to pay for the last part. The reason “We are not making any money on this because of the repairs we have done”. Is this my fault? The sales guy, the manager, and the service manager said they would fix what is broken, it says it on the contract.

Example 2

A number of years ago I bought some software that I was told would monitor my SQL Server. You would know this company name and they do make a good product but the other product was an unknown. During the discussion the sales person let us know that we could return the software if we did not like it. So we bought it. It took us 6 weeks to get the software back and we replaced it with SQL Sentry.

I guess my question is why don’t people just do the right thing? Isn’t this world under enough stress without this crap. I had to deal with a Vendor that I told they were out of my price range for a product. Yet they wanted to give a presentation, then they sent me a quote, the quote was twice what I could spend. They ask for the reason that I turned them down and when I told them they were not listening to my requirements set out to me by budget. So they said they would cut the price. A hour later the next quote was only 25% higher than what I told them I could pay.

End Result… Why do people push you until you have to act like a jerk? I can tell you don’t by a Dodge in North Colorado Springs, Stay away from San Francisco software company’s performance software, and listen to your customers. If you want them to stay customers.


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