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About a year ago Paul Nielsen contacted me and let me know that the “SQL Server MVP Deep Dives” book was going to be a reality. He asked me if I wanted to jump in and work on a chapter and as much as I wanted to there was a couple issues. First I was working on a couple conference events that was taking up most of my time. The second was I had just received my SQL Server MVP award and was really a bit nervous being in the same book as a number of these authors. If by the way you have not picked up the book I recommend that you do. Not only is it a great reference for SQL Server, the profits are being donated to a great organization.

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine Jeremy Lowell asked me to work with him on a blog. He had this idea that we look at the Deep Dives book and review each chapter along the way. Jeremy and I are known for not always sharing the same opinion on many topics however we always thirst for more knowledge. Jeremy also invited another friend and past coworker Richard Rodriguez to join us. So here it is,

Each Thursdays we are going to take on a new chapter of the deep dives book and give it a review. Each week we also hope to be joined by a guest that may or may not be one of the authors. When Jeremy asked me to join in on this project I was going to pass. My time right now is just pulled very thin. But after thinking about it; I have worked with Richard, and Jeremy in the past and I could not wait to see the opinions that we have. Please join us in the discussions and the reading of the book.