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I guess I am going to want to do this. For a couple of reasons. I start these quizzes and then pass them along. Now that Paul Randal has started on it would only be fair that I respect those who well.. know everything, know everyone, and is an all-around good guy.. I also hope they ask me to come back to Connections to speak. I was tagged by TJay a friend that I have not met yet. But here it goes.

What 3 events brought me here?

  1. In High school I was much more interested in learning things like how to play beer pong or what the ingredients were in a Fuzzy Navel. I did hold a job where I was a Ski Tech for Vail and the Broadmoor for a year. These jobs made me realize that the people that work there smoke grass all day and work to pay for food while they borrow a lift ticket. I wanted a little more. (If my old coach is out there… Darr, put the toke down, step away , turn in the CCR CD’s.
  2. I joined the Marine Corps where I could meet great people go to great places and then kill em. Well that plan did not work out either. I trained for really cool stuff but ended up an accountant. I started to fix some problems here with the Lotus Database and well that was the hook.
  3. About 2 years later I was smoking outside talking shop with a friend Jim Paine. He said I knew a bit about access and he would like to help me become a DBA. He covered school, servers for me to work on and they I would commit my work hours to a small publishing company. Yellow Pages.

Well that is where is started. I am not sure where it is going to end, I am not sure when it is going to end, but it will. And when it does, keep an eye on the highways looking for my Red Truck pulling my Outback Camper. You can reach me there.


So who do I tag

SQL Fool

Jeremy Lowell

Kathi Kellenberger