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I cannot tell you how busy it has been lately and with me working on the book when I am not at work that just adds to the amount of things that I am doing and taking away the time I have to do it in. I received an email today from Jesse Young that included some interview questions that I though you may find interesting. I have actually used one of these before. Here is a sample.

What would I find in your refrigerator?:

When I was in the Marine Corps on occasion we would attempt to be promoted by merit. This meant a long interview test, as well as a number of Marine Corps history questions. You never knew what questions were real or fake; there was always a fake question to see how you would handle the pressure. I recall a couple of the Questions I was asked.

How many beads were on the Dog Tag Necklace?

    This is not a trick question. The number of beads is supposed to help you keep track of what day it is as a POW and the only thing you Dog Tag.

How many trucks were on the base?

This is the trick question, well sort of the question should read how many trux are there. On Most installations there is on one. It is the ball that is located on top of the flag pole. If you are lucky you get asked the follow up.

What is in them?

Some say it is a bullet, razor and a match. The items are there to assist you in defense of the flag or to make sure it get retired and not in the hands of the enemy. Now I have no idea if this is true beyond the first question, but I have been asked the questions when on a military base. If you would like to see some more insane questions check out Jesse’s post here.

As an added note, I had an article that was published last week and another one today about the Top 9 things that I learned in 2009.  These can be found on SSWUG.  If you have some you would like to add to the list let me know.