Open Door Policy

Posted: January 5, 2010 in Uncategorized


Time for a big dose of reality, oh maybe a bit of whining.

After talking with a few friends of mine about work this weekend they had mentioned that the companies they work for have an “Open Door Policy”, both of them had commented that this was no more than a ploy to get employees to bring issues to management. I guess in both situations two different people have the same experience with the same policy. Does this mean that the policy is flawed or maybe that the people we choose for managers now just are not where they should be. I can say I like the people I am working with and the management style they have, and no it’s not because they may read this. I doubt they do. If people feel like open door policies do not accomplish what they are meant to do they then promote the reverse? Maybe we should go back to the suggestion box or even more drastic…. Understand that our management has insight that may not be ours and it would be a good idea for use to understand not everything can be fixed every day.

The reason this is on my mind is because I got to thinking about the clichés people use. One in particular “we do the right thing”. I think doing the right thing means not talking about it and not bragging about it but just doing it. Come on, what the heck is wrong with people now a days when they have to mention they do the right thing? I was working with a company the other day that had recommended a server configuration, and then a client went and engaged into a contract with that configuration. After added review the client realized that this was not the configuration they wanted or needed. But now they are under contract… To top it off the vendor admitted to the fact that it is not the right config.

Well there is my rant for this week; there is a new article out this week on SSWUG. Beyond the traditional backup . The book is moving along and so is the SSWUG Conference. Don’t forget about the free SQL Server 2008 R2 Event coming up with Donald Farmer.


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