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Posted: December 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

When I was at lunch today I was thinking about the basic tools in my tool belt. In my tool belt I have SQL Scripts, software and even links to references if I need them. But as I was thinking about the software I know that what I use really comes down to a couple basic tools. The tools that I use make my life easier and well make it so that I can do my job faster and then move on to the next task.

Over the summer I have been onsite with a number of clients and none of them had moved into the direction of purchasing tools for their SQL Server. I however did have my scripts and my references. My tools not so much, the way the majority of the tools that I have used and or seen are licensed by server or instance. Not by the user.

Maybe I am asking too much but each of these tools have a number of different feature sets, I have the tool I like. It would be so nice to go to a client, plug in my key and know that I can get full use of the product as long as I need it. Once I leave I can deactivate the licenses by uninstall or web. This method would allow me to have the tools that I like and know how to use with me at all times. I have my references like web sites; I have my SQL Scripts now I want my tools.

It could be that this is a problem for just me. I do find that I want a lot.


  1. I would like to have your view on the Microsoft Business Intelligence Project Booster Kit which is somewhat similar to the idea of a toolbelt. My article was published on and can be read from here:

    Can you please let me know your views on the same ?

  2. Chris Shaw says:


    I like the idea of the kit and I think you did a great job laying it out. I think that what you have is something you can load on you local machine and move it from client to client. I wish some of the third party vendors would consider doing this as well.

    Thanks for the link.


  3. […] positive impact on the database. I myself have posted a couple entries on what I keep in my tool box and even looking at backup compression tools as […]

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