Did They Lie to Me?

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

How do you get around that sales pitch? I talked to a vendor yesterday that was telling me all about the product that they offered that would help me do backups in a whole new way. I really did like the idea when I first heard about it but when I started to inquire about how it backups with SQL Server the water started to get a little murky.

See this product is for companies to backup everything, not just SQL Server. So they do Exchange and file servers and so on. Now I started to ask question about do they support log shipping or replication because they told me they use VSS and volume shadow copy. This is the link that they sent me.


If you look at the bottom it is very clear that it does not support log backups, that makes me think it does not support log operations at all, so how could they look at replication, t-log shipping or database mirroring. The thing that gets me, when they claim they can backup a SQL Server on the home page you would believe that they could do it without impacting any of the SQL Server features that you are using. What they really mean is we sort of support SQL Server.

I do like the product and there is a way that I can support I just have to think about how much I trust a company that hides what the product can or cannot do… What do you think?




  1. brento says:

    Innnnteresting. Sounds like the experiences I had with Microsoft DPM:


    As somebody who works in marketing, it can be frustrating to try to walk the line between educating customers and satisfying the salespeople. Some folks probably want us to say our product cleans floors and brightens teeth, but I have to face you guys at conferences, and I don’t want to have my coffee poisoned. 😉

  2. Jason Strate says:

    I’ve bumped into this before as well – with SQL Server backups even. It helps to keep my 10 foot pole close by at these times.

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