A Few Days After The Conference

Posted: October 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well last week was an exciting week, in the SSWUG conference we did a few things that we had never done before. Any time you try something new there is a bit of the nerves that set in but you keep your head down and continue to press through them. Here is a short list of the firsts:

  • We did a SKYPE Video Call with one of the speakers. The video was shown live to the conference attendees.
  • We did a SKYPE Audio Call with an attendee in London. It was awesome to talk to someone so far away about a conference we were doing live.
  • We had a whole room that was dedicated to all live sessions all day. Speakers in this room were delivering sessions without the safety of a recording. This gave attendees from around the world the chance to ask questions in the middle of a session.

All of this along with a number of other sessions and activities really lead to an awesome event.

If you attended this event make sure you fill out your survey. We look for these to help us plan for the next conference from the dates to the event to the subject.

Speaking of awesome events there has been a number of Saturday events around the country over the last few years. One of these a friend of mine is a coordinator and is really excited to be involved with this.

They plan on having various tracks, such as development, architecture, administration, and end users with 4 hands on lab sessions for SharePoint 2010. All the breakout sessions will be a mix between 2007 and 2010 topics. Our registration page is located at http://www.sharepointsaturday.org/kc. This year we are lucky to have Joel Oleson, former MS SharePoint Product Team Member and SharePoint Evangelist for Quest Software, keynoting our event.

If you have any interest in Share Point and will be around KC Dec 12th, 2009 you may want to check out this Share Point Saturday. This is a free event and I know there will be a number of National Speakers there.


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